Present situation: Because of the corona crisis we found a way to make sure you can enjoy the the cooking in a safe place by keeping the required 1.5 distance.

For the time being groups consist of a maximum of 4 members. Two team members can work together in the kitchen with a 1.5 m distance, while the other two can work in the adjoining main hall of the shelter. The Stoelenproject will take care of all necessary hygienic measures.

“Koken in een andere Keuken” translates to “Cooking in another Kitchen”. Koken in een andere Keuken takes place at the Stoelenproject, a shelter at the Marnixstraat in Amsterdam. From September 15 till May 1, around 50 homeless people seek shelter for the night here. The cooking project offers these individuals a healthy, warm dinner.

The story

The cooking project started in 2013. Ever since, over 1000 volunteers have cooked at the shelter. Altogether they prepared more than 10.000 meals. The project is a beautiful example how the fortunate can directly be of importance to the less fortunate.

Most people cook once or twice per season, including prominent politicians, business people, members of networking clubs, yet also students and groups of friends and family.

The concept

  • you arrange a group of 4-5 people
  • you arrange euro 100 to purchase groceries
  • you spend one afternoon cooking, and…
  • you serve a healthy, warm dinner for 45 homeless.

What’s in it for you?

  • you can easily contribute positively to the society
  • you open the eyes of your social circle to the phenomenon ‘homelessness’
  • its a fun, unique activity to do with your colleagues, friends and/or family.

The beauty of the project is that:

you have full control over the expenditures; no money is spend on ‘administration costs’

you have no further commitments

The cooking project runs from September 15 to May 1. Consult the cooking calendar to check which days are still void of a dinner. Please send your preferred date of cooking to We shall reply to you as soon as possible.

For details download our Cooking Guide.

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